A crowd favorite

My good friend Shannon called me yesterday and asked me for my recipe for Sweet Pork and Rice. This is a dish that I make pretty regularly, especially for big dinner parties.  It's fairly inexpensive to make, and it doesn't take up your immediate prep time right before a big party. It's also very easy to do, it makes the house smell like HEAVEN and everyone loves it. You can start it in the late morning and serve it for dinner, or you can cook it overnight and shred it up in the morning for storage until it's needed. This is a very good thing in the summer when it's too hot to heat up the house all day!
The pork cooks for 6-7 hours on a very low temperature. The rice only needs to be started an hour or so prior to your serving time. The time needed will depend on your rice cooker (or stovetop).

I will sometimes cook up a giant batch of my Caramelized Onions to serve with this. The combination of the sweet and salty is divine. I never even use my recipe to make this, and I could probably do it in my sleep! 
Sweet Pork and Coconut Rice
Please go HERE FOR THE RECIPE for this deliciousness!

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