Welcome to my world!

After a couple of weeks spent reading tutorials, giving myself pep-talks, and editing photos, I am finally ready to go live on my blogs! (hooray!)

It's been quite an experience to push myself to this point in such a short time period. As well, I have had my concerns about the way it will impact my life. I finally resolved most of those concerns in my mind however.

Go here to see WHY I had apprehension about doing my blogs, and what one little quote did to help me.  

I won't promise anymore than 2 new postings a week. That is the amount that I feel comfortable with while I am in Culinary School full time. I won't apologize if I have a crazy week and I don't get anything new on. I am what I am, and it is what it is! We are all doing our best, right??

I have set up both of my blogs in a way that I think will help me to manage the recipe/food side of it, versus all the other things I love to do. It may take some practice for me to get the post juggling down, but I think it will work well. 

My greatest goal is to help anyone who finds my blog to more fully enjoy the things they also love to do. I recognize that I am not low-key and that I go at a pretty "busy" speed. I know there are others like me, however. I know I'm not the only one who "needs" to decorate and make the world a pretty place. If you think like me, I welcome the fist-bump! If you don't think like me, I welcome you too! 

If we were all alike, what a terribly boring and predictable place this world would be! 


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