Neighbor gifts in no time...

This year's neighbor gifts, cute as can be:

I baked nothing, just dipped and drizzled everything. Everything is mini, bite-sized for eating pleasure.

The pretzel sticks are from Walmart (the honey-wheat variety) dipped with white chocolate and drizzled with milk chocolate. Then I sprinkled on some Toffee Brickle chips and a little more sugar. 
The little fudge cookies are a Girl Scout Thin Mint knock-off that are only available at Christmas time. 
I find them at Dollar and Discount stores. They are called "Barbara Dee Winter Mints".
If you can find them, you will be happy-happy. I promise.

The little cookies are from the DOLLAR STORE!! They are Ameretti's (Almond Macroons). I wish I'd bought more than one bag, but I wanted to make sure they good. Oh, they were.

Here's a trick I discovered years ago, and it has saved me a lot of time and stress over the years....
I use colored sugar sprinkles instead of colored candy melts to fill in the holes on the candy molds!
Yep, you can thank me when you try it out. It's the bomb. Any color or style will work.

The final outcome. The 4 blue-bedecked mini treats in a snowflake bag, tied with the same color tulle and finished with a snowflake tag. One hour from start to finish. Cute as can be.

When I melt chocolate/almond bark/candy melts,
I do it on 50% power in my microwave and then I use my Heating Pad to keep the chocolate perfectly melted while I am using it! I simply put a towel underneath and on top of the pad to protect it as well as my counter. It works so well you will wonder how you ever did melted chocolate before!

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