Vintage Tree, Paris Style

I have a love affair with all things Paris. Yes, I have been there, but the affair started before then. Which is probably a good thing because to be honest, I was slightly let down by the City of Lights. It was dirty, and bathrooms were few and far between.....and filthy when you found one.....and it usually cost money!! I had been to London right before that, and I was blown away by that city! So, I guess what it comes down to is that Paris paled in comparison to London. It might just have been because bathrooms are treated with the same respect as royalty in London, and therefore a delight to visit. Is that silly to base my comparisons between the cities on the bathrooms?? Maybe, but suffice it to say that I had a UTI while I was there, and it clouded my perspective. haha.

OKAY, enough of that! The REAL reason for my post is that I wanted share my vintage-style Paris tree that I created last year. I have a 6 foot Eiffel Tower in my living room...I really do. Long story there, but I love it and it gets a lot of comments from people who visit. Besides the big Eiffel Tower, I have about 9 or 10 other smaller towers in that space. So it made sense to do a Paris tree again. 

This is not my first, but it is very different than the previous one I had done in my single life which had lots of red and blue and brown on it. Most of those glass balls are now being used on my Winter Outdoors/Wisconsin Tree. I like to move things around....keeps it interesting.

The basis for my design was to use vintage dictionary and music sheet paper, and to incorporate some of my favorite crystal ornaments. I also found a fabulous Paris Post burlap that I wanted to use elements of in my designs. 

These pictures are from last year, and I changed things up a little this year. Namely, I took off the bottom of the tree and only used the top 2 sections. It was missing branches, and I didn't want to use the signs in it again this year. I also changed my bannister and added a darling Advent Calender that I just finished the other day. You can see those by going to this post.

Nothing like a beautiful tree all light up in a dark room to make me feel cozy.
The view from the stairway above.
New Ornaments that I made using assorted vintage and scrapbook papers
Another view of my custom made ornaments

I found these skeleton key ornaments at Walmart. They were the right size and color. The "joy" image is not terribly noticeable unless it's pointed out.

My very first REALLY expensive Christmas ornaments. I bought them at full price and not on clearance.  I just HAD to have them. Had to. They are giant balls with snowflakes etched in them. I adore them. They get really special treatment.

These were my first FANCY ornaments that I bought a long time ago to use on my very first themed tree. I got them on clearance so they didn't cost a lot, but they were originally quite pricey. They are very fragile so I take good care of them, too.
These are mussy-tussy envelopes with a little doily and book page tucked in. 

An assortment of different decorations on the tree.
I found this sign at a thrift store, but with a different message on it that was painted onto burlap. I took that off and used it singly, and then had a printed vinyl message added to the board. I like it much better.
Items around the base of the tree.

More things at the base, including pretend gifts
My $5 antique store phonograph. Sure do wish it worked. A favorite wedding photo of ours.

Snowflake land in the corner of the room.

LOVE this. I hung a variety of giant snowflakes in a vintage frame. 

The bannister using some lace left over from our wedding, as well as some of the printed Paris Post burlap.

Close up of the bannister.

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