Winter Outdoors/Wisconsin Tree

Last year when I put up this tree for the first time, my husband said, "That reminds me of Wisconsin Winters!" My husband spent 17 years in Wisconsin in his previous marriage and he had a love/hate relationship with the winters.

Winter Outdoors/Wisconsin Winter tree

Dollar store GIANT snowflakes!

Mini snowshoes and a cranberry ball 

Giant Pinecones and old skates

More skates and a shot of my great antique skis

As you can see, there isn't much I won't put on a tree. I have put some crazy things into trees over the years, especially in the trees that I do for the local Festival of Trees. You can learn more about that event by visiting here. It's a cause that is near and dear to my heart and I truly am addicted to it. I have decorated and donated some real beauties over the last 13 years (straight!). I will add pics of those as I am able. 

I love antiques, regardless of their heritage or lineage. I have been lucky to have inherited some of mine, however. The snowshoes were rotting away in our cabin cellar, and though not usable for their intended purpose anymore, I sure do love them on my tree! 

The skis were a great antique store find for ONLY $5!! The sled that is at the base of the tree on the floor is actually ON the tree this year. I elevated it. (grin) The ice skates are all thrift store finds. Some of them may actually get some use this year on our shallow backyard pond.

The raccoon on the sled used to be my son's. His name is Spike. He is now our official family mascot/fake pet. He resides in the family room normally.

The top picture won't go where I want it. Oh well. I love my set of bronze snowflakes.

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