4 Ingredient DELISH Pork Chops

So, everytime I go to my local Smiths grocery store, I peruse the aisles for "Manager Specials. I'm quite addicted to it. I save tons of money and give myself permission to buy things I normally wouldn't because of their cost. Namely, yummy gourmet cheeses and more expensive cuts of meat.

Yesterday, I found some premium pork chops on mark-down, and my first thought was "GRILL"! And then I remembered that it's like Alaska outside right now. Literally. Some mornings our temp has been around minus 6°. And that's without a windchill. Brrrrrr....second thought....not wanting to grill anymore.

So then I wandered over to the deli area, and I found some of my favorite artichoke dip.  I LOVE that stuff. I found 2 packages on markdown...yummers. That's when it hit me...hey, this might be really good baked on top of those pork chops!

Boy, was it EVER good!

Here's the final outcome:

Here's how it started before it went in the oven:

And here's what I made it with. 4 simple ingredients including the pork.

Go here for the recipe and try it for yourself soon! You will thank me. I served it with Brown Rice which was the perfect counterpoint to the saltiness from the topping. It baked up all crispy and yummy. The oil from the cheese and the dip makes it extra moist and adds a nice browning element to the topping. My husband loved it. The combination would be divine on chicken breasts, as well.


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