"Bee Your Best Self" Luncheon

This past fall, I hosted a luncheon in my backyard for a lovely group of young girls and their moms. I was their adult leader for a bi-monthly activity group where they learn new skills and to serve others.  This luncheon was a chance for their moms to share what they feel is their daughter's "Best Self". I prepared the salad bar and cornbread, while the girls and their moms brought a treat to share.

The pennant flags are a set I made for a photo shoot last year. The colors were perfect with my bee decor, I just tied some red gingham strips to the jute cord to tie in the red.

The dessert buffet is made from a pair of yellow decorative sawhorses that I found thrifting, along with a pair of shutters that used to hang in my grandparents home. I use them for a lot of things.
This print (along with all my other Bee decor) normally resides in my guest bathroom. It's a fun little room.
In the bowl with the napkin, you can see the "Honeycomb" cornbread sticks that I made using my Waffle-Stix maker. I also made some honey butter to go along with them. (recipe coming soon!)

I collect Bee's and Beehive's, so it was a fun chance for me to use my collection. I set up a variety of small round tables and bistro sets so that each of the girls could have a table alone with their mom's, or with just another pair of moms and daughters. I wanted to encourage them to talk to one another, and not just their peers (moms AND girls).


On the side of the house, I set up a vintage photo shoot, complete with vintage hats and accessories. (Due to privacy, I won't be able to post any of those photos). 

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