Chocolate and Yogurt? Oh, yes.

I love Greek Yogurt. I love this brand in particular (ZOI). I buy it from my local WinCo. It's the best I have tried and the price there is amazing....I can't beat it, even at Costco.

So, I was pursuing my local Smiths the other night, and found a stack of "Philly Indulgences" Chocolate Cream Cheese spreads. On manager special for $1.09 each, instead of $4.00 each. HELLO!! Yep, I bought 2 of each variety...Dark, Milk and White. It will keep in the back of my outside fridge for at least a month. I plan to use a lot of it for Valentines Day treats. 

I'll be concocting some more recipes in the coming weeks, but 2 days ago I had to make a QUICK dessert for a meeting we were having at our house. I say QUICK, because I remembered when the first committee member arrived that I hadn't made anything for the meeting!! Luckily I had some fresh fruit on hand, and some of my favorite "Honey Wheat" Wheat thin Sticks. Have you tried those? They are great, and because of the flavor, they can be used for sweet or savory applications.
It was yummy! And ready in a flash. It has a great texture and consistency. I'm going to make some dessert crostini with it for a family get together tomorrow. I think it will be a hit.

Go here for the recipe.


restlessrisa said...

This looks delish! I wanna try!!! Thanks :)



BusyBee Emily said...

Oh DO!! It's so good! Have you gotten that brand of yogurt before?