"Honeycomb" Cornbread and Unbelievable Honey Butter

I made these "Honeycomb" cornbread sticks for a "BEE" themed luncheon (here) to go along with a salad buffet.  I found my "Waffle-Stix" maker at a thrift store years ago, and I haven't used it in ages. However, when I was trying to think of a bread item to go along with salad bar that had some sort of a Beehive look to it, I remembered the trusty piece of equipment hiding at the back of my small appliance cabinet. I knew there was a reason I held onto it!! I used to make Pepperoni Waffle-Stix for my kids to take for school lunches. I'll work on making that with pictures sometime to post as well. I adapted this recipe from that version.

The version is simple and uses pre-made ingredients to speed the process along. If you don't have a waffle-stix maker, you can certainly use a regular waffle iron, or even a mini-muffin pan. They will still taste good, they just won't look like honeycombs! (Unless you are "bee-obsessed" like I am, that likely won't be a concern to you!)

My recipe for Honey Butter will knock your socks off. All your friends and family will wonder what the flavor is that they can't figure out! Tell them the secret...or not. I've kept it secret myself for a good 5 years. And now I'm revealing it. Because I'm nice like that. And because I want some followers. No one has followed me yet and I've been at this for 2 weeks. So, spread the love (along with the Unbelievable Honey Butter), and follow moi! That would be great. ;)
HoneyComb Waffle-Sticks and Un-Believable Honey Butter
Go Here for the recipe!
(My apologies for the picture above. I neglected to get a close up shot, so this is cropped from a larger shot. It's the best I can do for now!)

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