I love that Trader Joe!!

We just recently got a Trader Joe's in our state! It's in downtown Salt Lake City, and we took a trip down on New Years Eve Day to stock up for our exciting (haha...quiet) NYE at home.

While there was plenty more that I would have liked to buy and try, we did show some restraint. However, I'd had the Gorgonzola Crackers at a Christmas Party, and I insisted that a box come home with us. I've been dying to make something with them, and I finally did last weekend.
You can find my recipe for the chicken here on my food blog.

I also got Fig Butter there which I used in this sauce.

What's not to love about Gorgonzola Cheese and Pine Nuts, right?

I have plans for more of the items I found at TJ's. Can't wait to play some more.

What's your favorite item from Trader Joe's?

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