Post-Christmas Fireplace Decor

Taking down the Christmas decor is always depressing for me! I know some people can't WAIT to take it down the day after. Uh, yeah....that's NOT me. Ever. I feel like a part of me has to go into storage every January! Anyone else feel that way?

So, to make myself feel a little better about it, I usually leave SOME part of it around...just so long as I can work it into a "WINTER THEME" decor.
The arrangement on my mantle this year and last worked perfectly for just such an application. I removed all traces of greenery and ornaments balls, and left the "outdoor winter sports" bones. I also added the skis that were previously on my big tree (see here), and 2 of the thermoses.
I made the print by cutting off the front of a jumbo "Dollar Tree" bag! Isn't is cute? I put it inside a cheap DT frame as well, and then covered the inside of the big red wood frame with blue burlap, and glued it to the top. I love blue and red together. (Sometime I will post pics of my kitchen decor. It's very French and all blue and white dishes with touches of red)
I added my {Peace on Earth} blocks here...previously they were on my armoire with my globe collection. (Next year I have an addition planned for that arrangement, but I have to find another globe at the thrift store first!)

I made little tea light covers out of birch patterned paper...easy to do but it made a big impact when they were turned on.
I sure do love my vintage lanterns. When I find one in my favorite colors I always do a happy dance.
The vintage ski boots are ones my dad wore years ago. Don't they look even more uncomfortable than modern ones? Mr Snowman has been with me for many seasons. He's the perfect shade of blue. My mom stitched the 2 signs for me.

In a week, I will take it all down. Just in time to decorate for Valentines Day. I have some fun new things planned for the mantle this year!

Well, lookie there...I'm ALMOST okay with Christmas being over.

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