Snow, snow and MORE snow...

For the past 25 years I have been taking note of whether it snows on Jan 11th or not. Why? It's my birthday, and the fact is that is USUALLY snows ON my b-day. 22 out of 25 years, as a matter of fact.

On Thursday it started snowing...heavy. By the next morning it was really deep. Like almost a foot.

While I'm happy that the back field is now covered in enough snow for me to pop on my cross-country skis and bop on out there, I'm not happy that the excess of snow prevented us from going up to our family cabin today for a day of outdoor fun today! Too much snow to get up the canyon without 4-wheel drive. Darn.

We now have over 2 feet of snow in our yard, combined totals from our previous storm that had not melted, and the newly fallen snow. That's alotta snow, even for those of us that live in UT! While our mountains typically get plenty, down here in the valley we don't normally have so much!

Our plan is to venture out later to create a "snow sculpture". My daughter and I think that snowmen are a little over-rated. We have a plan for something a little out of the ordinary!! Pictures later....

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