The question of tweens....

....."When can I wear make-up out of the house??"

We have a tween in our home. She wants to wear makeup. She says "all the other girls do it". Of course her dad and I don't buy that line.

I started wearing makeup when I was in Jr high, which I think is completely appropriate. Her dad is on the same page. But what a battle we have with her! She's constantly trying to sneak out of the house with it on!!

This topic came up on STUDIO 5 today when I was there to do my cooking segment. I thought that Holly Stone had some great advice. I hope that showing this video about it to her will help her to realize that it's not just her mean dad and step-mom who feel like she needs to wait for eye shadow!! (Sometimes it takes an expert's opinion to make her change her mind. Okay, usually. Because she thinks that we are un-informed about most things....haha.)

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