The Village People are back!

Well, maybe not THOSE village people, but these are MY village people...
About 20 years ago, I started collecting a Christmas village. It is one of my favorite things about Christmas. It's something like having a doll house. I've got all these little houses and people to play with. It brings out the kid in me.

My collection is not the expensive one (Dept 56). My figures aren't exactly to scale, and some of the paint jobs are lacking. But I do not care, because the overall look of it is sheer wonder. It's so fun to set it up and put all the people in their places. I've never had it the same way twice, but I always love how it looks. It's getting harder and harder to find new pieces that match the era I have, but since it's pretty much a full village already, that's probably a good thing!

I'm kind of laughing about this one...the perspective makes it look like the kids are running from the man with the hatchet. He's really chopping wood, not children. haha. See the statue? The cherub is taking a whiz into the fountain. Hey, that's an accurate rendition, right? 
Do you see Santa flying overhead?
The farmhouse and barn yard

I hope you enjoyed visiting my village as much as I enjoying having it up at Christmas. I took it down today...sad. My photos will keep it alive until next year when I set it all up again!

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