A childhood favorite made easy

When I was in my teens, we had a single mom in our neighborhood who made and sold authentic Argentine and South American foods to supplement her income. I don't remember anything that she made, except her Empanadas. I LOVED them. I remember that the crust was really tasty and that the filling inside had meat and potatoes. My brothers didn't like that they weren't spicy, but that was my favorite thing about them! (I don't like spicy food!)

As I got older, I had empanadas a few times at various restaurants, but I was never terribly impressed. My memory might be inaccurate because I've yet to taste one as good as I remember those homemade versions to be!

Last week I had some pork roast leftover, as well as some potatoes. Enter a couple of cans of Refrigerator Biscuits and I had a plan: "Faux Empanadas". I call them Faux because I am aware that the dough is not going to be anywhere close to the texture and flavor as her homemade dough. But I was in a hurry that night, so there it was.

I think the filling was pretty good. I often mix leftover shredded pork with equal parts of BBQ Sauce and Salsa and use it for Quesadillas. Adding some potatoes to the mix created a filling that I was quite happy with. I used my ricer to get them to a nice texture, but mashed potatoes can certainly be used. I had also hard-boiled some eggs to add to the mix, and then forgot to put them in! oops! Chopped eggs in the filling is traditional for Argentine empanadas, and a very tasty mix in, in my opinion. However, I wasn't going to go back and add them after I had them filled and sealed up!

I have a Pampered Chef pie sealer from years ago, and I used it to seal these empanadas. Also, did you notice the green lidded jar? That holds homemade BBQ sauce, and the lid is from a parmesan cheese container. It fits Mason jars! I save them and use the lids for sauces that I put in jars.

And here is the final result:

I froze the leftovers for my husband to take for lunch. Shredded Beef can also be used in place of the pork. You can get the recipe here.

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