An old favorite updated

Years ago I started making a Dessert Trifle. The recipe I used came from a Jr League cookbook and I made it so often that the page is smattered with cream cheese blobs. That was back when I was really starting to experiment with my cooking, and I followed recipes to the letter.

Well, many years have passed, and that volume now sits on one of 2 large bookcases that I have for my large collection of cookbooks. I read them like most people read novels...and I RARELY follow a recipe anymore. But I do absorb ideas and techniques and I dream about creating things in the kitchen.

A couple of days ago, I picked up an Angel Food Cake in the day old section at my local Smith's. (I've talked before about my love of Day-old and markdown items here. I'm kind of a good way). We were having a family dessert gathering tonight, and I figured that cake would come in handy somewhere in the mix of things I was making. Thankfully I had a HUGE amount of Strawberries left over from my order with Bountiful Baskets last Saturday, so I grabbed out the other ingredients from my fridge and made THIS:

Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle. It's as yummy as it looks! I came home with NO leftovers. Adults and kids alike gobbled up ALL of it. Even the picky child in our house went back for seconds. There was not even a drop of cream left in the bowl.

This did not surprise was always a favorite and became known as one of my signature dishes in the early days of my culinary adventures. Though I'd not made it in a number of years, it has remained a favorite of mine and I figured it would be well received. These days, I do not crack open that old favorite cookbook to make it. Now I just throw it together (like I do most of my dishes). I just knew that I wanted to incorporate a new favorite ingredient into the mix, and I was hopeful that it would be just as yummy as the original. It was.

My new ingredient? Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream. Dang I love that stuff...especially the kind I buy at Winco. (I talk about it in this previous post).

You can also make this with Raspberries or other fresh fruit of choice. Do you want the recipe now? You can get it here!

Now, did you notice that I said my Strawberries were leftover from 7 days ago? Yes, they were a week old and just perfect. I have a little secret about keeping berries fresh, and I'm about to share it with my lucky readers. It does not involve Vinegar.  Please visit this post to learn about it.

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