My BlendTec loves leftovers...

On most Friday afternoons, the Catering Chef at the Culinary School where I am currently a student, offers a Take-Home Meal.  Lester is such an amazing Chef, and whenever it works into our schedule, I order a meal for my husband and I (and sometimes the kids if it's something they will eat). You can't beat his prices. $12.00 for 2 meals....and these are BIG portions! We never finish up the meal in one sitting. EVER. And my husband eats a lot.

This past week, Chef Lester made Chicken Cordon Bleu with Rice Pilaf and mixed vegetables. It was DELISH right out of the take-home pan, but of course I still had leftovers of the two sides and the sauce when the weekend ended. Soup on Monday, when it was cold and snowy outside, sounded great.

Enter my Blendtec. (I love my Blendtec!)

Look inside, and you will see my leftover rice, vegetables and cream sauce.

And this is the final result, with some Cheese Toasts. A perfect lunch.

For the recipe, please visit this post.

This is my buddy, Chef Lester. He is a cool Jamaican Dude. And man, can he cook!

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