The best tip EVER to keep Berries FRESH for a week or more!

Keep Berries fresh for over a week!! How? Read below!

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1) First of all, you need clean and dry GLASS jars with tight-fitting lids. Plastic will not is too permeable.

2) Next, DO NOT wash your Fruit before storing. Do not remove the stem, either. (Do both of these things before consuming the fruit).

3) If there are any bruised or spoiling fruits, do not include them in the jar.

4) Finally, keep it in the fridge. In the coldest part, if possible.

How long can you expect your fruit to last?

Strawberries: at least a week. Even longer if they weren't over-ripe to begin with.

Blueberries: Two weeks, and possibly even longer if they are very freshly picked.

Raspberries and Blackberries: 4-5 days.

Keep in mind that the fruit will not spoil, or at least not mold, in this condition. If you are in question about the freshness of your fruit, open the jar and smell it. If it smells rank, or like alcohol, toss it! The humidity inside the jar will keep mold from forming, so it will not appear to be spoiled as it normally is in the original container or on your kitchen counter.

I have been doing this for 17 years, and it has saved me a lot of money and heartache over spoiled produce.

And guess what? I also do it for my lettuce! It really does work!!

Just remember...don't ever wash your produce before putting it in the jar. Washing destroys the natural antibiotic properties of the produce that keep it from spoiling. Don't forget to wash before eating, though!!

This is life-changing, right? I know. I was right there with you 17 years ago. You're welcome!

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Vivian said...

This is great how many strawberries go to mushy in a few days. Thanks vr