Valentines Day Porch Decor

This past Christmas, I decided to do a Nature/Bird Themed decor with copper, brown and green tones. Part of my design involved lighted tree branches, and I was fortunate to be able to gather some beauties from my in-laws yard. They have several gorgeous Sycamore trees and a large branch had broken off the week before in a storm. My father in law thought I was nutty to want branches from a dead tree to "plant" in pots for my porch!

Well....He didn't think I was nutty after he saw what I did with them! After I took down my Christmas decor (watch for that post soon!), I left the tree branches intact so I could hang some cute little glitter hearts on them...and some jewels. Yep, even dead trees can have BLING. :)

After my FIL embraced my nuttiness with the branches, he brought me a wonderful real Robins nest! It was even attached to a big branch still! Fabulous! At Christmas I put acorns in with the moss, and for V-day I added some of the same jewels I hung on the branches.

Because the branches still had some of the leaves and seed pods attached, I decided to incorporate that same brown woodtone/kraft paper color into my design. So happy that there is now burlap "ribbon" readily available. It's so much easier to work with than strips of burlap fabric.

One of my favorite thrift store finds from years ago is this darling little Vintage Valentine tin sign. I sure do get a lot of comments about the naked baby on my front door though! I centered the sign over a cream wood sign and added a burlap bow.

I have my big birdcage (found at a dumpster in all it's purple and green 80's glory!) always by my doorway. Inside are my "lovebirds" on a nest. I failed to get a picture of it, however!

This print is actually a piece of printed and glittered scrapbook paper to which I have added a wooden heart (backed with red glitter paper). I used the same paper backed hearts on the door surround.

Last year I decorated a gymnasium for a couples Valentines Party. I found a great download online that said "Love doesn't make the world go round, it just makes the ride worthwhile" with a Ferris wheel graphic. (I have those photos downloaded but not edited yet, but hopefully soon!) I made this "Ferris Wheel" from a thrift store wooden wine rack to be my table centerpiece. The "seats" are little heart tin buckets that I've had for years. I also created a stand for it that it sat on for the event, but the colors did not match this theme, so I didn't use it. I also added the heart in the center and removed the wood frame that was previously part of the design.

Am I the only one who gets a kick out of decorating for Valentines Day?

I did do a less traditional valentines design for my mantle this year. You can see that post here.

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