Non-Traditonal Valentines Mantle

I love Blue and Red together. Not like in an All-American way....I'm more French country in my style of decorating. My kitchen is all Blue and White Dishes with touches of red. It's my favorite combination for common rooms, especially when combined with neutrals of cream, black and brown.

For Valentines Day this year, I carried over the same tone of blue that I used for Christmas. I was fortunate to find some Vintage Valentine scrapbook paper that worked PERFECTLY. Additionally, I was able to incorporate my red lanterns into the mix.

 I was really wanting to incorporate some of my Grandma's sheet music this holiday. I inherited some of it when she passed away a few years ago. A couple of the pieces were already small enough to fit the white-washed frames, and the others I color copied to the 5x7 size. How could I not use the ones called "Gypsy Love Song" and "A kiss in the dark"??  One frame was larger and had a mat that was too white next to the music, so I covered it with some of the vintage valentine paper.

In addition to the sheet music that I used for the frames, I cut up some of my vintage music books for paper to make the pennant flags with. I alternated larger music ones with smaller ones out of the blue and red paper cherub paper. I'm just realizing as I write this that my Grandma loved cherubs. Meant to be! After I cut the pennants, I realized I had the music going the wrong direction. I decided to just go with it. I think I like it better anyway as a contrast to all the horizontal music, plus it looks like stripes from a distance!

I edged the music paper with the same paint that I used on the blue frames and heart, just to give it some definition. After looking at all of it for a week, I decided that it needed some lace on the pennant banner. Originally, I went looking for some skinny lace in my stash, but when I pulled out this larger cotton lace, I knew that was what I wanted. I had used a similar lace for my Advent Calendar this past year (see here), and I was so thrilled to have ample of it on hand. (I love those warehouse sales!!)

Recently I'd also picked up some styrofoam cones, and I figured I'd add some dimension to the mantle design with both of the papers I'd used in the pennant banner. It took more paper to make it than it looks like, though I should have realized that after using the same technique for the tree to go along with my advent calendar linked above.

Another thrift store find was this blue frame. But it started out much differently (See pic below this one). I had one extra heart left over from my front porch design (post here), so I painted it to match, sanded it, and hung it from bakers twine. I was delighted to discover that underneath the cross-stitch design that I ripped out was some cream colored natural batting that made a great backdrop for the heart.

The last project I completed for the mantle design was this Heart Song framed dimensional art.  I had seen one on Pinterest done with book pages and the saying using the word "story" instead of song. I knew when I saw it that I would have to do it with music paper instead. It was a very quick project and I love it.

On the hearth, I have two vignettes using more of my vintage collections and found items.

Happy Valentine's Day!! OR as I called it when I was single...Happy Single Awareness Day! ;)

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