Veggie Happiness

We are lovers of Bountiful Baskets! It's so much fun when we get something really unusual and yummy. Such was the case a couple of weeks ago when we got these yummy Heirloom Rainbow Carrots. I used them initially in this recipe, and them wrapped them up tight for another day. That day came last night and oh, was I happy to see them again!


So, I got to thinking....I was planning to make my Smashed Potatoes (see the recipe here) for dinner last night, and I wondered if doing a similar broiling treatment to the carrots would result in supreme yumminess as well. Did it ever!! By the way, you can read about how I came to figuring out the perfect way to make the potatoes in this post.

Here are the carrots right after they came out of the oven. All the little flecks are kosher salt flecks that are browned by the combination of the heat, the butter and the brown sugar. These babies were like Nature's Candy! Sooooo good! We ate all of them. No leftovers. Which is sad, because I'd probably have eaten them for breakfast with my wheat toast. haha. 

Now, here's a shot of my Smashed Potatoes before I applied the oil and seasoning. I think my smasher tool is meant to be used for breaking up ground beef. I found it at a thrift store.  I happen to use it for lots of things, including Nut Butter cookies (I like Almond Butter best), but it also turned out to the perfect tool for the potato smashing.

Next on my list is doing this same broiler treatment with Sweet Potatoes. I can almost taste it now, and it is making me hungry!

Veggies are so good when they are treated to a little extra love, don't you think?

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