I earned a Gold!

This past week I competed in a competition called "Skills USA", which is a national contest to test the skills and knowledge of students enrolled in trade classes. As I am currently enrolled in Culinary Arts school, I was eligible to compete on the regional and state level in an attempt to earn the opportunity to compete at the national level.

So exciting...I took the Gold! Which means that I will represent the state of Utah in the category that I competed in, which is called "Restaurant Service". And now, I move on to the National Competition which takes place in June. I will be traveling to Kansas City for that event...which means lots of Kansas City BBQ!
My husband took this photo of me when I returned home...still in my required apparel for the event. I had to wear my hair up as well. Cheesy picture, I know.

Here's a shot of my medal. I'm pretty excited to get the chance to compete in the national contest!

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