Spring Porch/ Spring Decor Decorating Series, Part 3

This post is the third in my Spring Decor Decorating Series. You can view the other parts of my home by visiting the posts for the Spring Mantle, my Kitchen and Side Tables, and our Kitchen Island.

I just changed over my porch to my Easter/early Spring decor. Once the weekend of Easter has passed, I will be switching to my early Summer decorations, which I think are my favorite of all besides Fall. 

In general, though I decorate for Easter and Spring, I don't do cliche decor. My egg tree is about as cliche as you will ever find me using. 

 I have had this paper mache bunny and carrots for at least 20 years! In all this time, I've left them natural, but next year I am planning to changed them up a little. I love the giant gerberra daisies.

I made this wreath about 6 years ago...I still adore it. Last year I added some pale pink to it. I love how the oval shape looks for Easter.

Love this baby bunny. I sure wish I'd bought several when I found this little guy (and his cage) at an outlet store for $1.50/set. I'd have made wreaths to sell if I'd been thinking ahead!

The baby to the set of the mama bunny. I separated them this year. The carrots used to be on the wreath...another cheap find that I didn't stock up on, darn it.

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