Spring Table/Spring Decor Decorating Series, Part 4

This post is the last in my spring Decor series and includes my kitchen table, a side credenza and a storage tower.

You can view my previous posts in this series by hopping on over to view our Kitchen Island,  the Spring Porch, and my Mantle.

This is the centerpiece to my dining table...when we eat, I just pull the whole runner to the end of the table, and then back again when we are done. It makes it a lot easier, but I also don't have small children in my home to grab at things!

I found the darling set of frames at the thrift store...they had some rather unattractive Hummel postcards in them that I popped out and replaced with some vintage Easter postcards and images that I found online and printed. (As soon as I can track down the original sources, I will post them.)

My only new Easter purchase this year...a darling book-page and glitter covered bunny. I just could not leave her at Home Goods.

I bought this bunny last year from my favorite local boutique, Madeleine L'Amour. My friend Jeni and her mom Elle have the cutest collection of girly and French items in their shop. I love to visit there, as does my husband. He has purchased many sweet little trinkets and jewelry items for gifts. They love it when he stops by!

I found this sweet little postcard on Ebay...I could not resist. Just could not. I painted the wooden egg baby blue and then gilded it with some gold paint. The trophy cup was a thrifted item, of course. I simply removed it from the ugly stand it came on top of.

Another item from my favorite boutique...a gilded paper bird. She is nesting on a straw nest which is inside a vintage vase that looks to me like a giant egg cup. The golden eggs are left over from last Easter. I think next year I will glitter them so they aren't so garish. The cream dome box was another thrifting find and a perfect place to rest the eggs.

The side credenza in the dining area is usually in a garden theme. With the exception of the blue garden gate print, everything in this display came from thrifting!

I found the vintage girl and bunny print years ago...this year I put it off to the side tower with my chocolate bunny and eggs...don't they look good enough to eat?

The postcard is a duplicate to the one on my mantle this year, but I had the sweetest little chicky to put with this one. Alongside is a terrarium with a nest and floral filled birdbath. The grouping almost made it to the mantle, but I decided to give it it's own space because it's so sweet.

And finally, the Spring tour concludes with a vintage sign I bought from my favorite boutique last year.

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