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I love to celebrate and promote local businesses that impress me....this is a story I wrote for my local paper and I wanted to share it on my blog so that others in my area can go and check them out!

FARMINGTON - Options for dining in Farmington have been significantly lacking in previous years, but the opening of Station Park has brought about new businesses which are taking advantage of increased traffic in the area. The owners of a local Catering/Lunch Cafe concept are one of several start-up companies who are seeing success in their recent ventures.

Kaysville Residents Londa and Ray Davis opened "Bite-Size Cafe Catering" last November following many years of dreaming and planning for their own cafe. Londa shared that her concept for Bite-Size came about due to her love of "a little something sweet" following her meal. Along with that notion, she felt frustrated by the inability to order "just a half sandwich" at most restaurants where many meals are over-sized. The vision of Bite-Size came to fruition based upon those desires and expectations.  

Combining a penchant for concocting delicious treats along with her emphasis on "Fresh-made", Davis developed an entire menu of Salads, Soups and Sandwiches to round out her cafe and catering menus. Having previously worked as a caterer for many years, Davis has the unique ability to develop a menu that is conducive to both eat-in meals as well as pick-up and on-site catering. Though most of the items on the two menus are similar, there are many specialty items that can be made for catering clients.

As you step inside the door of Bite-size, you are immediately greeted by a soothing palette of dove grey and warm wood veneer on the walls, and clean white tables. The decor is unfussy and clean, with the only artwork being inspiring nature photos in muted tunes from a local photographer, which are hung gallery style along the walls. The menu boards, which are subject to change based upon the owner's preference as well as customer input, are written on giant chalkboards.  Treats and temptations are in full-view inside the glass front bakery cabinet, where customers are able to pick their favorite as part of their meal or to enjoy a la carte.

The over-riding sensation of being in a restful place is in sharp juxtaposition to the hustle that goes on behind the front counter. In the back, where owners and employees work quickly to provide prompt service, they enjoy the over-sized kitchen that Davis and her husband built in anticipation of the catering orders they would receive over time. Davis indicated that the ratio of catering to eat-in business is currently 50-50, but new clients are regularly discovering their services and they expect that ratio to change somewhat as the holidays approach in the fall.

Davis was determined to keep her menu as home-made as possible, and declined many of the pre-made products that food reps brought to her, with only a few concessions. One of those items is the bread, which Davis insists on being brought in fresh every day from a local wholesale bakery. With the exception of two of the cafe's salad dressings, Davis makes all of her own sauces and dressings along with all the desserts and soups, from scratch each day. She states, "I would rather spend more time making things myself, and be happy with the product, then to settle for less". She continues, "I know how picky I am, and I really would just rather do it myself and be pleased with the taste".

A deliciously filling lunch can be found at Bite-Size for as little as $7.95, containing a half sandwich/half salad combo as well as a drink and a famous "Bite-sized treat". Other lunch specials including a side, drink and treat start at $6. All cafe items are served on contemporary white china, which is an unexpected touch considering the reasonable prices. A variety of items are available in each category of food items, and the selection changes frequently.   

The summer hours for the cafe are Monday through Saturday from 11am to 4pm. The cafe hours extend to 6pm in the fall and winter hours. Davis, as well as patrons, share that the winter season is the busiest time at the cafe, with all tables being full at lunch time and even a line out the door on occasion. More information and contact info can be found at Bite-Size is located in the Shepard Crossing Center, 1050 West Shepard Lane, #5 in Farmington UT. 

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