Grilled Yumminess

For Easter, I wanted to make a yummy accompaniment to our grilled pork chops. I had a package of Prosciutto in my fridge that needed to be used, along with some asparagus. I had a good feeling that combining the two with some herb cheese and the heat of the grill would make for a delicious result.

Oh, was I ever right.

Are you drooling now?

I think this may now be my favorite way ever to eat Asparagus.

This may be surprising, but until recently neither my husband nor myself even LIKED asparagus. That was before I tried roasting it at high temp with some safflower oil and kosher oil. THAT made us change our minds! Yummy!

Why Safflower Oil instead of Olive Oil? For one reason, it has a very high smoking point so it's better to use on a grill or under a broiler. For another, I have become quite addicted to the slightly sweet flavor of it. It's also more healthy overall than some of the alternatives.

I neglected to take a picture of the wraps when I took them off the grill, but I had people chomping at the bit to eat them. However, I served them with a drizzle of balsamic glaze, which just added a slightly sweet and tangy element to the overall smokey texture of the dish. I love balsamic glaze and use it often. And I love that it is readily available in stores now so I don't have to make it myself anymore!

This will be a regular item on our grill this summer!

For the Recipe, please visit my food blog!

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