BusyBee Relaxes.....

So, my husband and I have been enjoying a vacation in Colorado this past week. (And I have been taking a break from blogging in the process...darn it!)

This is the view from our back deck this morning. It snowed ALL DAY yesterday, and the reports are that we received almost a foot in this area!

We are staying in a town high up in the mountains called FRISCO. It's near Vail and Breckenridge and about an hour west of Denver. Neither of us have ever been to this area of Colorado before, and we've been enjoying ourselves very much!

Taking a break from the everyday issues of life is really relaxing, isn't it?

We have been planning this driving trip for months, ever since we got a killer deal on the condo we are staying in (how does $12.00/night sound? Good, right? Yeah, that's why we are here!) Since we drove here, the gas money has been the only real expense. By getting a condo with a fully equipped kitchen, I am able to cook almost all of our meals here. My husband was joking with someone before we left for our trip that some women want to go on vacation so that they can get a break from cooking....but not his wife! I love to cook and I would just about go nuts if I had to eat every meal out for the whole week. Really, it would drive both of us nuts. We are both too frugal to live that way. Granted, we did go that route on our honeymoon 2 years ago when we went on a cruise. But, when we drove to Yellowstone and Glacier last summer, I cooked most of our meals. You'd be amazed what I can do in a hotel room that has a fridge and a microwave!

We have some pretty crazy things going on in our life right now, and getting the chance to get away alone, without any of our kids in tow, has been great for us.  We have a very strong marriage, but couple-alone time together is always welcomed....especially in a blended family like ours. I know some people might think that spending 24/7 with someone is too much, but for us it's a wonderful break from everything else we go through in our life. We love being together and sharing everything in our lives. My husband is really the most amazing man and I am very blessed to be his wife.

I have been taking lots of photos of all the historic and vintage parts of this community and the surrounding mountain communities. I will be posting those soon, but for now...we are off to another night of blissful slumber in our quiet condo. Ahhhh....heaven.

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