Lunch for a Special Visitor

My wonderful son just recently finished his first year of college, and he has been enjoying his time off from studies. That boy has a social life that only one other person that I know of could rival....and that person is me. I was a crazy social butterfly in my younger years (and not so younger years when I found myself divorced...)

He called one morning recently to tell me that he was in the area with one of his numerous "girl" friends, and wanted to know if he could bring her over for lunch. Of course, I willingly jumped at the chance to have my boy here, and to cook for him! He loves my food, I'll tell you what...and he eats A LOT of it whenever he gets the chance!

I had just purchased some ground beef on "Managers Special" that morning (you know how much I love those markdowns if you read my blogs with any regularity), and I had some canned tomatoes left over from a luncheon I recently catered, so I decided to make my Mexican Meatball Soup for him.

I created this recipe when it was my day to make the daily soup for the Cafe at my Culinary School, and my instructor couldn't locate her regular recipe for it. She told me to "go for it" and make up a new one to use that day. I was trying to think of something to use other than bread crumbs to act as a binder for the meatballs, and decided upon the Baked Nacho Cheese Doritos. The soup was a HUGE hit, and I was quite pleased with how the meatballs came out. So much so, that I have made them at home on a couple of occasions.

 For the Recipes, go to this post on my Food Blog.

The crazy thing about me is that I do NOT like Mexican Food. Well, technically I don't like the FLAVORS of Mexican food, but I appreciate the components for the most part. With a few exceptions, namely refried beans, which just simply look and smell like dog food to me. haha.

Anyway, I have learned to adapt my "taste preferences" (that's my lingo for nicely calling myself a picky eater, but the reality is that I am a "Supertaster" and you can learn what that means HERE) to accommodate my husbands penchant for Mexican Food.

I call most of what I make a "Tex-Mex" version of the typical mexican food. For one thing, because of my sensitive taste palate I cannot stand the following typical mexican flavors: Cumin, Coriander, Cilantro (I call that one "vile weed"), or Chile. I know, I know....those are all the flavors that everyone else loves, but I simply cannot abide them. Not at all. So I use a lot of garlic and onion, which I love as long as it's cooked...and Red Pepper Flakes for a little heat. Those are the only heat that I like.

So, I create my recipes up to the point where they could technically qualify as Italian food, or at the least, American food. ie: I check my base flavor and salt/pepper level. I use a lot of Oregano when I make mexican because I like it and it can mimic cumin a little. A lot of times I will pull a meal portion out for me before I add the flavors I don't like. Hey, I'm a nice wife and mom and I don't want to make the non-supertasters suffer for my preferences! So I serve some things that I won't eat just to appease the masses sometimes. And I keep Vile Weed, er, Cilantro, in the the cabinet in dehydrated form for those who want it to dress their meal. I can't even stand the smell of that stuff to use it fresh. Bleh!!

So my son and his date, as well as my stepson who joined them for lunch, told me that it was really good and the flavors were just right. Not bad for not tasting the final product right? Last week I made some Fideo for my husband (he loves the version they serve at a local restaurant). I researched it, and it turns out I made it a little too spicy for my hubby's tastes....but the boys both loved it! My stepson lived in South America for 3 years, and he said it tasted "authentic". Yeah, baby. I can cook Mexican.

I just can't eat it. :)

This is my son and his date sitting on my front porch...happily fed. Sure do love that kid!

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