So much to do....

....and so little time to do it!!

I have soooo many pics that I have taken that I want to get posted. I have so many ideas that I want to share. I have so little time to do it all!! As much as I might like to sit and play on the computer for a whole day to get caught up on my blogs, I do have a life that I actually LIVE!  Food to cook, gardens to tend, laundry to do, schoolwork to read....oh wait, that part is OVER! I finished up last week so now I'm waiting for the next start to commence soon....

Which makes me wonder about something.... How do some people justify playing silly games on the computer all day anyway? Unless it's their JOB to be on the computer all day, I can't imagine being on all the time day after day...What a waste of time and energy and life. There are real people who need attention, not computer people who you don't even know, or games that don't change your life or make a difference in the world.

This week is bringing some big changes in our household. We are praying hard for guidance to get through them. My sweet husband and I have faith that doing the right things and trusting in the Lord will bring us the end result we are hoping for. But there are hard things we have to get through in the meantime. Very hard things.

This past week, my 19 year son left home to serve an LDS Mission for 2 years. I am SO proud of him!! He will be serving and teaching Christ's Gospel in Seoul, Korea! I'm still wrapping my head around that.

Next week I will be starting my internship....I willl be posting some pics about that by the end of the weekend because it's just TOO dang exciting not to share!

Life moves fast!

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