Valentines Porch…with a FRESH twist!

I always like to decorate my porch for Valentines day, but I don't do the "typical" things with lots of hearts, etc. I do like to evoke a feeling of LOVE though, and when I was out shopping one day I found a package of paper napkins that just YELLED at me! (Sometimes things quietly whisper at me to take them home…not this one. It was clearly a loud voice. haha) So, I took the napkin image and scanned it so I could play around with it in Photoshop.  I loved everything about it…the bird, the key, the roses, the scroll work, the YELLOW…I felt like I could take it up a notch by adding the word LOVE to it. The two hearts next to the key were just asking for some attention because the key looked like an "L" to me! So, this is what I ended up with:

I simply added the letters over the top of the design and created my own design with it. I love it. This is not my first use of napkins. I'm kind of obsessed with pretty images and making things out of them. Watch soon for pictures of my "French Bird" Christmas Tree...

Now why was I so excited about the yellow? Because yellow is happy, and it's different in the winter never see yellow at Valentines day unless it's pastel and on a conversation heart, right? Well, I loved the mustard yellow in the napkin and I have some decor that I knew would play into it.  So there you go…enlarged and in a frame and suddenly there is the inspiration for my porch decor!

Take a tour! Here's some more pics and details:

The whole scene
The wreath and garland with the berries and mini birdcages
My standard decor on my porch for most of the year. So fitting at this time with my love birds and an I Love You sign.
A key hung from the heart basket to tie into the napkin design
This poor little guy DID have a mate, but the wind blew her out and broke her the week before. I'm still trying to glue her front half together so she's at least a facade of his girlfriend. haha.

Just some odds and ends…things that matched the theme and the color.
The bottom of the display table. I just painted this birdcage the day that I put this design together, but in preparation for my upcoming spring design!

I love the addition of the yellow, especially at a time of year when it's not expected. Thanks for stopping by!

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