Rescue Mission

These are my latest "rescue mission" survivors:

I found the tulips on clearance at the grocery store for .50!! Such a steal...and they have lasted 3 days already. I love pink tulips in the spring, don't you?

Next: The vintage wood clock. I totally love that I found this...and for only $2.00 at the thrift store! It's got great patina to the wood...and it even works once I put a new battery in it.

And finally: My sweet little lambie. I'm about to give him a makeover. I'm going to give him a light dry-brush of shimmery cream paint to make him look pretty. He looks a lot better than he did when I brought him home from the the thrift store, though. I've ripped off the atrocious 80's floral collar that previously encircled his little neck. It was all types of hideous fake floral and that awful moss that we used to cover everything with back then:

I'm pretty happy with his current state now, (as pictured in the first picture!) but once I get out all my spring decor, I'll make him a new pretty floral neck ring to match the rest of the vignette, as well as his new paint job. The scene is still a work in progress but I just wanted to post a little happiness today (I've had a difficult morning and I needed to cheer myself with reminders of the good things in my life....).

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