St Patricks Day Porch...with a little splash of Aqua!

In my current "Aqua Obsession" phase, I have realized that a lot of things benefit from a dry-brushing of aqua paint (like this eggshell blue that I also used in my daughter's room makeover). Last week, my St Patty's day decor got the aqua treatment. In my defense, two of the pieces already had a little of that color peeking through....I just increased it a little so it all tied together nicely! For example: The large postcard sign is one I got last year from Home Goods...I edged it with the aqua and touched up the people's clothes a little bit. Also, I added an edge to the postcard portion. (I think I amped up the color a little too much when I edited shows brighter here than it really is!)

The whole porch shown in the above photo. I have to say that the decision to fully add the aqua was based upon the fact that I missed having my cute blue vintage folding chairs out there (see below). However, I only had enough fabric (which is leftover from this mini-makeover that I did for my neighbor's laundry room) to make one pillow so only one chair came out. (I may or may not have duct-taped that pillow cover together. Maybe I just did not feel like dragging out my sewing machine for one little project, OK?? haha. I avoid sewing whenever I can. It is not my fav.)

This little sign already had some of the aqua tone in the glittered sections as well as on the boy's cape...I just added some additional aqua highlights to pull it out. It sits inside the birdcage with the little green birdie.

And this is a copy of an actual vintage postcard that I have...I just didn't want the original to get ruined, and I wanted to lighten the blue from a royal to an I did so in my photoshop before I printed it out. 

This sign didn't have much space to add the aqua, so I didn't do anything to it...BUT the urn holding the fern got a dry brushing! The color was already similar...I just gave it some highlights.


My big birdcage is back for the season....and I added an aqua chandelier that I recently found on a yardsale listing. I think it will really work with lights if I hard-wire it, but for now it's a temporary visitor to the porch. I added a small strand of fairy lights to the base of it so it's pretty at night.

 A better view of the inside and the light with the birdcage door opened.


And finally, the wreath on the door. I recently bought the twig and burlap rose wreath from a neighbor. It was a little small, so I put it on top of a frame. I added a vintage postcard hanger (Also dry-brushed with some aqua, on the dress and the edges) and a bouquet of glittery clover (from the Dollar store last year) with a ribbon tie.

So that's my "Touch of Aqua" St Patty's day porch decor! I hope you're inspired to add a little touch to your own decor!

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