The start of my Grammie-kins Collection

So the way I figure it, we probably won't have any grandkids for about 5 years. But we have 5 children combined from our previous marriages, so I expect that some day we might have lots!

Recently, I bought this collection of Chevron cars from a local facebook garage sale site. The whole collection was only $5.00!! (also included were 3 Disney autopoia cars, not pictured) I absolutely fell in love with these when I saw them, and even more when I brought them home. They are adorable, aren't they?? Totally love them. Some of them are going to be making "guest appearances" in some of my seasonal decor. Hello, Mr. Ice Cream Truck!! You are PERFECT for my summer Aqua island!

The picture online showed a pile of them, and I figured there were about 10-12 cars, but when I got them home and counted there was double that amount! I have a city playmat that my kids used which I held onto after they had grown up. These cars are the perfect size for the scale of the city, so I'm pretty darn excited about that!

To store them, I put them inside one of my vintage suitcases, which is a perfect vessel for this type of thing. They are now accessible, along with the playmat, for any children that come to visit us! Which is really GREAT because our house is not very "baby" is 16 so I got rid of most of those things many years ago. I have felt bad that we haven't had a playroom or play toys for visitors, but I have now solved that problem. We have a perfect spot to throw down the mat, and get out the suitcase. I expect many happy hours of playtime for kids, and future grandkids with this set!

I recently saw an idea on pinterest for making a "play grocery store" stand. The idea was from the blog Here's the pic:

 I'm so excited, because I have a good start on my "Vintage" grocery store already going with my photo props, including an old receipt printer. Now I have a goal to find more and set them aside for someday when I can do my own!

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