My new favorite quote about the world we live in....

This weekend is what the members of our church call "General Conference Weekend". I affectionately call it "Aaaaahhhh, heaven....General Conference weekend". I love it.

Why do I love it so much? It's a respite from this crazy world. It's nourishment for my soul. It's relief for the wounds I suffer the previous 6 months of the year.  It's a refreshing of the things I know in my heart and mind, it's a new awareness of things I haven't yet learned, and a reminder of how much my Heavenly Father loves me. And how much he loves ALL of us. I wish it came 3 times a year instead of just 2.

This quote came from the 2nd speaker this morning. Elder Holland. I have always loved listening to him. He has such a gift for bringing to word of the Lord right up and into your face....and into your heart. He's the closest we have to what may be thought of as a "bible thumper" in our church. But he doesn't do it in a way that you might think. True, he is bold in his statements and in the manner which he delivers them when he really wants to share his truest feelings and emotions. He gets you RIGHT THERE. I've cried on more than one occasion when listening to him.  Okay, truth be told, I cry every time. He's amazing. But, he is oh so humble. He knows from whence he receives his strength. He loves the Lord and our Savior. And he acknowledges them in all he does.

His talk this morning was directed at many of the critics of our church and our beliefs. In a way which should make most of them stop to think about what they are saying and doing.

I believe the core of this talk was True Discipleship...and how it is not easy. How we are called upon to defend our beliefs and to do it in a manor that praises our maker. This quote, that I have pulled from his talk, truly explains the "ease" with which much of the world wishes to be "religiously governed". Many people want the easy way. The way which doesn't require sacrifice and standing up for God's law, and God's commandments. The very same commandments which have NOT been changed by God, but many have been altered and "made less important" by man.

This may be one of my top 10 favorite quotes by a General Authority...ever. And I loved how he delivered it. Boldly, passionately, eloquently....and truthfully. Through the spirit. I say that because my spirit responded to his words and his message very powerfully. I was so moved, I felt compelled to make this printable before I finished my day. I hope those who read it will feel of his message. And think about how to not be looking for "easy" worship. Because that is not what God expects of his children....he wants our true devotion.

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And if you're looking for even more inspiration, I highly recommend this music video about Christ:
LDS Youth singing "Come unto Christ" Youth 2014 Theme

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