Exploring the Colorado Rockies!

Exploring Colorado!

This week my husband and I are vacationing in Colorado, with our base being in a small town right off I-70 called Frisco. It's centrally located between all the major Ski Resorts in the area, along with only being an hour away from Denver. 

We stayed here last year as well, at about the same time, though this year we are about a month later. This is a good thing because last year, the view in the pic above (from our condo back deck) was covered in snow!! There is still lots of snow here, particularly up on the higher mountains, but even in patches of shade right in our parking lot. However, the amount is far less and this year we are actually able to go and hit some of the trails around town that we covered last year. We loved the area so much, we decided to return here this year. Hopefully we can also come back next year...and at some point in the future, we'd really like to bring all of our kids here with us. We think that they would all really enjoy it, especially our boys because of the amount of great terrain for biking and running.

Speaking of biking, we are really enjoying it this year! Last year we didn't bring bikes because we planned to rent them (I didn't have one that was good at that time), but there was too much snow to make it worth the high rental fee! But this year, we got very lucky. My husbands oldest son gave him a new Mountain Bike for an early Father's Day gift! It's a very nice bike. We've been wanting to get bikes for both us, but it's been too cost restrictive. The bike that my husband previously used was his son's and when he moved last summer, my husband no longer had access to it. So we've not been able to enjoy all the paved bike trails around our home and in our area because of that. (insert sad face!) And though I'm not into the extreme mountain biking like my husband is, I certainly can appreciate his love of being on the mountain trails that are within 7 minutes of our home. He has really missed that opportunity this past year.  I'm happy to just go on the "easy" trails and not fight any rocks and trees roots! 

So we were both amazed and thrilled when his son told him he was buying one for him! And since that meant less out of pocket expense, we decided to try to find a low priced one for me as well. I was hoping to find one in the online classifieds, but I couldn't locate one that was my size and in the amount we felt we could spend for one. I was about to resort to a Walmart or Target bike when I decided to just throw an ISO post out there on our local FB Yard Sale group to see if anyone wanted to sell theirs. Well, a gal about 5 blocks away from me messaged me that she had one that was about 8 years old but in great condition that she was wanting to sell for $100.00. I figured it was worth looking at, so I went to check it out. Now, I'm not a bike expert at all. I really have about zero knowledge of what makes a good bike. But, it looked nice, I liked the seat, and it felt good when I test rode it. So I agreed to buy it. My husband was AMAZED when I brought it home that I got it for as cheap as I did. I didn't realize it at the time, but it's the same brand as his new and rather expensive one (GIANT Brand). The gal I bought it from is upgrading to a road bike because she is in training for a Triathalon. I'm very happy I got such a good bike for such a great price! And she sold me her nice helmet for $5.00 too! Woohoo! 

So, needless to say, as soon as we could get out on them when we got here, we did. My husband went earlier in the day and rode up some very rough and dirty trails while I stayed back at the condo and made breakfast. In the afternoon, we went out on a ride around some of the city trails. This city is literally PACKED FULL of trails, both paved and dirt, but mostly paved. And to add to that, they have a trail system that goes all the way over to Vail, and one to Breckenridge. It's quite impressive. If you are a biker you would love this city. Everywhere we go here, there are people biking, people with bikes on their porches, and bike shops. Which is pretty amazing considering how much of the year this city (at over 9,000 feet elevation) is covered in snow!

Today we are off to a couple of places that we went last year, and one new place we didn't get the chance to visit last year because of the snow. So we start at Vail with the Betty Ford Botanical Gardens, then on to the Ski Museum (which was closed last year for the season), and then to a great BBQ restaurant we tried last year. It's called Kirby Cosmo's and it's in a little canyon town outside of Vail called Minturn. From there we will travel through the canyon to Leadville. There's lots to see in Leadville, and we have great weather today so we hope to do the historic walking tour through town. Then we'll come back to our condo through a different pass and see if we can find a good place for dinner on the way. If not, we'll make dinner back at the condo. I love to cook so we have stocked the kitchen for several meals.

 It's lovely to be on vacation...especially with just the two of us. It's very romantic and fun!!

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