Hollyhocks at Sunset

Last spring, I threw a big hod-podge of flower seeds out into my garden space...just to see what would happen. There were a lot of Hollyhock seeds in the mix, but I only got maybe 3 Hollyhock plants, and they were pretty tiny.

Fast forward to this spring, and in March I noticed that I had HUGE clusters of Hollyhocks starting to grow. Granted they don't develop their flower stalks for another 2 months, but I have grown HH for about 15 years now, so I know what they look like and I know not to pull them unless they need to be transplanted to a different location.

Goodness...this year I probably have 150 plants, and I'm not exagerating. They are THICK out there. Yesterday, we had snow in the mountains and a lot of rain in the valley. Tonight we had clouds and a beautiful sunset. I could NOT resist taking some shots even though it was quite chilly as the sun started to set.

I just wanted to share in my joy....


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