Vintage Fall Engagement Photos

One of my many hobbies is Vintage Photography. I have entire section of storage in my garage devoted to my Photo Props and that's one area of my life where I refuse to purge excess because I use so many of the items in my collection! 


Last month a good friend of mine from my single days asked me to do a Vintage Engagement shoot for her and her fiancee. She has a great gold velour loveseat that they lugged to all the of places near my home where I wanted to take photos with them...starting with some great old cars in my in-laws backyard. We also hit some spots on a nearby nature trail. Since we arrived early in the morning to get the best light, it was chilly! I sure am glad I brought along a vintage afghan because she really ended up needing it to keep warm!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the morning:

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