Fall Mantle with Sunflowers and Roosters


I love when Fall arrives! It feels like....finally....I can see an end to the heat and exhaustion of Summer. Whew.


Don't get me wrong...I love Summer...but only in June and July. By the time August rolls around, I just want "Indian Summer". You know, when the temps are in the upper 70's, and the weeds stop growing and the tomatoes finally turn red.


That's what I love.



And decorating for Fall....that's the other thing I love. I have more Fall decorations than anything except Christmas. By a HUGE percentage. I'm starting to reduce some of my stash though. I'm selling some things, and using others to make custom arrangements to sell. I have some beautiful things, but we have started "down-sizing" our lives in preparation for our future. 


The sunflower "painting" below is an old ceramic piece that I found thrifting, and it was not very attractive. It also had some handwritten spanish wording on the bottom, so I painted over that and the entire edge with some brown acrylic, and also dabbed some onto the centers of the flowers and around the flowers because the previous paint job looked really "flat". It's amazing what a little paint will do! Now it almost looks like a carved wood or leather piece doesn't it?


Because I had more than I could fit on the mantle with this theme....I had to carry it on down to the hearth. I suppose the title should have said "Sunflowers and Roosters AND Pumpkins because there are more pumpkins than anything else in the entirety of the display! But I guess since pumpkins are a given in the fall, I'll just acknowledge their presence without making them the star.  The pumpkins at the far right end are some that I decoupaged with old dictionary pages several years ago. They are going to get an update in their next use on my kitchen island....keep watching!


Oh, and then my BIG copper rooster...well, yes, he kind of is the king of the jungle in this whole display, so to speak. I'm still working on him. He is "in progress" He's okay for now, and I really needed him to fill in the tall space, but I have more plans for him. (Keep watching for his continued metamorphosis and where he started....)

But today, my cute little HEN (okay, not technically a rooster, but you'll forgive my faux-pas right?) needs to be the STAR of this mantle! 


You'd be amazed at what she looked like BEFORE I painted her. She was HOME-ly. Not cute at all. Poor little thing had the most hideous paint job. Now she's darling and I am never, ever selling her. She will always have a lovely spot to perch somewhere in my home. I haven't named her yet...any suggestions? (Yes, I name my things. But only the really special ones. Soon, I'll show you my newest "family member"...his name is Sebastian.) 

Anyway, I gave her a couple of coats of Cream Gloss spray paint, and then I distressed her with a new product I've just started using before I gave her a clear coat wax.  It's the Americana Paint Dark Creme Wax. I'm quite in love with it. I've got it to use on the faux pumpkins I've been customizing, like THIS one, but now I can't stop using it on other things! It's addicting. And isn't "She" just lovely now? I really must give her a name. 


She almost matches the little one on another part of the mantle. 



I'd like to mention at this point, that with the exception of the Sunflower tin that is hanging from a wreath hanger,  and my grandparents old shutters,  that everything else in this display came from a Thrift Store. I just go "shopping" in my "prop" storage and pull things out that I like together! It's great fun! I tend to stick with a specific set of colors and themes. Like this display, besides the obvious themes, also had a tight range of colors including yellow, brown and cream with little accents of green. All of the colors came from my focal piece, which was the tin, but in reality, it all works together even without that element. But I also had a theme of "wicker" going on. Look through the pics and you'll see it in some obvious, and not so obvious places.

So that's my Mantle for this season. Last year I got around to my Fall decorating much earlier, and specifically did a mantle for my very FAVORITE month of the year....September. The perfect Indian Summer month. Except this year, it was anything but in our neck of the woods. Darn it. Now in October we are getting that weather...it's in the 70's all week! (Why am I even INSIDE the house right now??) 


Here's what I did last year:

This is probably not a surprise to my regular readers, but all of these items, except the shutters, are from my "thrifting" hunts. Sad news, however...the darling cream colored pitcher on the mantle met it's demise when I was taking down this display last year. SO sad. Some of these things are being re-used in other parts of my displays right now, but the majority of them are waiting in storage to be used again another day. Unless I sell them. Nah....I think all of these are staying in my supply cuz' they're too great to not keep, right?

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

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