Faux Weathered Wood Cards and a little purging



 I am currently in the process of down-sizing my life, which means some major purging of a lot of my things. I look at everything I own now with our 5-year goal in sight, and if I don't see it having a place in my life at that time, it's up for purging. I figure it's going to take me a year to get rid of everything I'm not keeping. 


Some of my things I give away, most I sell online. Lately, I have found that holding a specific type of sale, in my home, is the most effective way of moving a lot of things quickly. And when I have a sale in my house....that means it's a PARTY!!! 


So these cards are the design samples that I created for the FREE make-it-take-it for the sale I am holding this week....which is a CRAFT sale! Yep, I am actually purging some of my dearly loved stash of crafts and supplies. It's QUITE a sight. I have a lot of craft stuff. Okay, that really is an understatment. Seriously.


Anyways, I wanted to have a pretty easy craft available that uses some of my excess crafting supplies, but doesn't require me to be holding hands to make it. I need to be taking money instead! ;) 


Here's close-ups of the individual designs. If there is enough interest, I'll post a tutorial. It's pretty easy and very unique. Comment if you'd like a tutorial!


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