Witch-Themed Halloween Porch

It's no secret I have a thing for Witches at Halloween...

I think I have dressed up like one for more years than not. And guess what....I can do the Wicked Witch Cackle from The Wizard of Oz like nobody's business (three times is all though, and then I lose my voice!!). I have the most outrageously awesome witch hat with purple fur on the brim, and I put on purple make-up, including glittery lipstick, to complete my costume.  I pretty much love dressing up like a GLAMOROUS witch! (You'll find no warts or crooked noses on me!)


So although I've used witches on my Halloween porch many times in the past, this year I decided to make it COMPLETELY witch-y....with only purple and black for the colors, and a theme of "The Witching Hour". 

I started the entire porch theme with this custom sign that I made. I had seen the quote on Pinterest, and though I loved it, I did not love the design. I decided to make my own version of it and I ADORE how it turned out. I had the perfect frame for it and now it's a wonderful tone-setting piece for my entire porch design. ( I have included a FREE link for it at the end of this post for your own downloading pleasure!)


One of the other things I decided to do at the very beginning of my planning was to make some plain gold-painted dress form mannequins (which I found last month at a friend's Garage Sale) into witches for my porch. So I went on the hunt for some vintage bed coils to mount them on. One of my cute friends just gave me some after she saw that I was doing "in search of" posts for some on our local yardsale groups. She actually took them out of an old bedspring that she found when her family was exploring in an area called "Death Canyon". How COOL is that?? (She gave me quite a few and I have plans for them in one of my new Christmas trees this year...stay tuned!) 

For their "clothing", I used parts of an old skirt I was sending to the thrift store anyway, some tulle ribbon, assorted laces and ribbon (I hand-dyed that purple cotton lace and I love how it turned out....more colors to be done soon!) and  some jewelry-type things I made with hot glue and molds, which I then painted to match. After I had completed "dressing" my witches,  I showed them to my husband and said I felt like I should name them because they all had their own personality. My clever husband suggested naming them after the 3 witches in "A Wrinkle In Time"! That was one of my very favorite books growing up, so I thought that was a fantastic idea! I made little vintage looking name tags to hang off the bed coils for each of them. Here are some close-ups of their costumes:


Rounding out the porch is my BIG mannequin dress form...done in witchy style:



Some stacked books in a couple of places, all with Halloween and Witch themes:



The one above has a vintage light fixture and a raven atop it. I just added a short strand of purple lights inside and at night it has the most lovely and spooky glow, especially as the light peeks through the design on the glass.




The giant birdcage that is almost always next to my front door got a witchy makeover too! I've had that spooky tree for years, and I found the house out thrifting last year. It originally had some window designs in each of the windows, but most of them were missing. No matter, I popped out the remainder and I love it! I think I should have glittered it up first though, but another year and I will.  I added some lights into the mix to spook it up.

A couple of other items to add to the ambiance:



This clock set up actually used to be all one piece! I took the clock base out of it, painted the glass with chalkboard paint, and I love it! I had the clock part just sitting in my garage, and when I was trying to decide what to write on the chalkboard, the "Witching Hour" came to mind, so I put it next to it. I also added a metal pumpkin there, along with 2 on the other side of the porch by the cauldron display.



I love using the glass globes that I find so often at thrift stores. They look SO cool when they have lights inside of them. This one I put into my small cauldron and surrounded with purple flowers and flickering purple lights:



And lastly, my door wreath and garland:



 Both items were made from things I had around my house, with the exception of the new purple LED lights, which make my "old" purple lights look pink, (Note to self, get rid of the old ones and buy new ones on after Christmas sales. They are SO much better!) and the Witch sign...isn't that funny? I found that at my local grocery store of all places. It was PERFECT for my porch design so I couldn't resist.  I made that little red haired witch MANY years ago, but I just could not part with her even though I've gotten rid of a lot of my other Halloween decor. She is showing her age (90's era) with the gold stones, but I can't get them off without leaving a mark, so they stayed.  Some of the floral is new from Dollar Tree, but most of it was just in my floral stash.


I love how it all turned out. Here's one last pic of it at night lit up. Sorry, not the greatest shot, but you get the idea....it's pretty spooky.



Finally, as promised, here is the link for this FREE Printable!




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