Fall Mantle using Blue and White China


This past year, I saw a magazine feature where a homeowner used her collection of Blue and White china mixed with pumpkins and I knew I had to do something like that this year. It's only been up since the beginning of November, but I sure do love how it looks! The contrast of the bright blue with the orange is just stunning! I used a large chalkboard print as the centerpiece of the arrangement, and just pulled out some of my faux pumpkins, including my velvet and ceramic pieces, and I LOVE how it came together!


Here is a shot of the entire fireplace area:

And some close-up shots of everything else!


(A little mishap at the top left corner when I was spraying on the adhesive...note to self, don't get it on the front, it does NOT dry clear.)

Some of the blue and white pieces will be donated to the cause for the tree that we are decorating for our local Festival of Trees next year. It's an "English County Breakfast" theme...it's going to be gorgeous! But never fear, I have even more pieces that can be used in their place!  


For another look at a way I've used Blue and White in my seasonal decor, visit my Easter Kitchen Island post

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