Trader Joe's and Thrifting Love + Re-purposing

This past week, I created a new recipe using something you might not think of for that purpose. Of course, that's how I live my life....I repurpose. Everything. Even Food.

I'm giving the recipe for THIS re-purposed food over on my food blog Come 2 my Kitchen, so make sure you go there to check it out!

Now that Easter is almost upon us, I'm thinking seriously about how I'm going to decorate for the season. I know for sure that I'm going to bring out my sweet little Lamb.

I rescued, and re-purposed, this sweetie from the thrift store (along with the clock and vase he's hanging out with), and to my delight I also found a smaller lamb since last year. But check out what this little guy looked like before I gave him a new life:

The poor little guy was being strangled by a noose of bad 80's flowers and spanish moss. Big improvement without all that, right?

One more peek at an upcoming "thrifted/re-purposed" teaser:

You won't believe how these guys look now! (Their big reveal is coming soon!)


Cindy said...

Hi there! Well just laughed out load at your comment about the lamb being strangled by the 80s flowers! That was hilarious! I enjoy your posts! Happy decorating! Cindy

BusyBee Emily said...

haha! Thanks Cindy!! And thanks for coming to visit...hope you find some more things you enjoy here!