Valentines Porch Decor with a Cozy Parisian Flair

I have yet, in my time in our home, to re-create any decor/design on my porch (or anywhere in my house for that matter!). I do something new for every single holiday/season. I think it's because I love  to create, I love change (an outgrowth of my love of creating), and I love adding new fun things to my collections and displays. It's pretty much a revolving door at my house!  

So for this 4th Valentines since I moved into this house with my husband, I finally did something a little more traditional in my design (You can see my previous 2 years HERE and HERE). I went with a true Red and White design, with some black and silver added in, all with a Natural French theme.

For Christmas this past year, I had a whole "OWL be Home for Christmas" theme going on (that post coming soon), and a big part of my design was the twig overhang and nest that I created. It survived the horrible windstorm we had right after Christmas, so I decided to leave it up through Spring, and somehow incorporate it into the next few month's designs. As I was thinking about what my "Valentines porch decor" would be this year, I found a sweet little French black and white pillow at the thrift store, and I knew what I wanted to do.

The twig overhang was perfect for hanging some hearts, but it also made a great place to perch my paper doily balls that I had previously made for a mexican fiesta event in the fall, but then worked into one of my Christmas tree designs (that post is coming soon as well).

A lantern filled with flowers, my chair and accessories, including the cutest little french bunny that normally resides in my french inspired living room, reside next to the door. I gathered a few lanterns and candles on a tray and added a red bulletin board with some valentines and paper doilies to complete this side of the doorway.

I added in my dress form "girl"...she still has her "skirt" on from Christmas last year. It's just worked so well, I haven't bothered to change it or even take it off! She got a red heart and sash, and one of my cute little fancy clutches to complete her outfit.

 Some of my fake wrapped presents left over from Christmas made their way to this side of my display along with another small dress form. The tablecloth is actually a big wrap-around lace skirt that I found thrifting (I also used it as a tree skirt this year on the tree that had the doily balls on it), and it's topped with a square of black gingham.

I found this darling vintage postcard image online, and enlarged it to fit my frame. (I LOVE the outfit the girl is wearing...I would totally wear that look if I could find a gray sweater and brown tights like that!)

 Since I used red berries over my door and on the heart-shaped wreath, I also used my topiaries in the mix. The love sign is held up my an Eiffel tower style topiary form.

Years ago, I purchased a postcard set that had this image below in it. It's a corner cafe in Paris that I just love. This is one of the enlargements I made of it.  Can you see the policeman in the lower right corner? I just love it! Another dress form completes this portion of the display that is on the lower shelf of the small table.

And finally, the door treatment....which consists of a black scroll heart edged with torn fabric that I topped with a white heart metal basket and a black polka-dot bow. Over top is a simple garland of red berries. 

I've gotten lots of compliments on this display, even from the UPS guy and another man that was coming around to drum up window-washing business. Men don't often make the effort to comment, so this one decor really do something for them! ;) And of course, my cute husband loves everything I do. :)

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