St Patty's Day Home Decor

I don't know about you, but when I feel the slightest hint of spring coming on, I feel the need to bring out the GREEN. And how convenient that St Patrick's day happens in March so it's a natural time to do that! This year I decorated 3 areas in my home that are "Wearing the Green", so to porch, my kitchen island and my mantle.  


 Come along for a visit!


 I love Aqua! I truly see it as a neutral color, like black or brown or even white. Why do I say that? Because it goes with EVERYTHING. It was fun to mix it back in with my decor for this season, and I intend to have it continue on my porch through the winter, in some form or another.

I did this twig canopy for this past Christmas, and since it survived TWO major wind storms, I decided to let it remain until after spring. The pom-pom garlands and aqua birdhouses hanging off the branches are just so charming, don't you think? It's pretty much my favorite part of the whole design.

Here are some close-ups of the remainder of my porch, and then I'll share the Kitchen Island and Mantle in another post, which I'll link here.

The door "wreath" is a container I found thrifting last year, and the arrangement is one I used in previously. I just added in some green clover as well as some cream wild roses to tie in some of the other elements. I added a plaque from last year's porch to amp up the design a little. Here is last year's porch if you want to see it.

I made a mixed banner garland for over the door using simple colored jute in 2 colors, ribbons, ric-rack and a great green pom-pom garland (that I found, of all places, at a thrift store). I found a big bag of it and I have used it many times. Additionally, I used some chevron-design paper straws in the porch design, and I cut some of the straws into 3rd's, and then cut lengthwise slits in them to slide over the pom-pom strand.

 The paper straws came into play again on this vase! I simply glued them on lengthwise onto an Oatmeal cannister! It was the exact same height as the straws, so this project took all of 8 minutes to complete! I wrapped some decorative burlap ribbon around the center to give it some extra punch.

This grouping sits next to my giant birdcage, which holds a twig nest and a moss bird with jute wrapped "egg" balls.

To the other side of my door, I grouped a collection of items into a galvanized tray and cake plate. One of my favorite things is my "Helping Hand" magnifying glass that I picked up at Harbor Freight. Isn't it cute with the clover shown close up? It has 2 places to clip things, so I also added a wooden plaque with a lovely little clover lady on it.  My antique aqua birdcage with little stone birdie completes the vignette (and of course some treats for visitors).

 My antique chair that I painted last year (with aqua...shocking, no?) and a pillow that just keeps coming back around....and my little's a piece of fabric wrapped around and duct-taped (white) on the back! I was in too much of hurry when I used it for another porch design last year, and I've never gotten around to sewing it!

If you'd like to see my Kitchen Island and Mantle you can visit those posts here and here....


Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Had to check out your darling porch. I too love aqua, and yes; it goes with everything! Love the twig canopy and the chair. I have a chair just like that I found at a thrift. Painted mine yellow.

BusyBee Emily said...

Thanks Jann! I know...aqua will always be a part of my life now. It's so terribly vintage I can't stay away from it's happy factor! Yellow would be darling in that style of chair!