Growing "Lemon Thyme" Groundcover for Cooking


I love, love, LOVE Lemon Thyme.

It is hands down, my favorite Herb ever (followed closely by any other lemon variety of other herbs).

I can't get enough of that freshness and yummy lemon scent and flavor in my fingers, my nostrils, and in my food.

I want it ALL THE THYME!!

(sorry, I could not resist that!)



 Hi. My name is Emily and I grow a ground cover just so I can eat it. Well, mostly...because it's pretty too.  :)

 I started growing Lemon Thyme about 17 years ago. The years that I didn't have a garden of my own were just plain depressing and I really missed it. The plant below is the first one I planted in this house, 4 springs ago. This past year is the first time I've trimmed it. You can see the old growth at the base, but the new growth just shot up in the past 3 weeks since I gave it a cut. Lemon Thyme grows more upright than regular, or German thyme. It spreads, but as a clump, and not as runners like some ground covers. It's pretty much the perfect plant.


This next photo is of one of the plants that I put in this past year. It's growing up the sides of a large landscape rock. It love that it's doing that! If you plant it alongside rocks or concrete, or in a rock garden, it will tumble over the top of the rocks, but I'm surprised to see this one going up! Doesn't it just look delicious??



This is the first time that I've put it in a container. I don't know why it's never occurred to me do this before because I've put many other herbs in pots over the years. I'll be inter-planting in a few flowers with these ones because they are on my front porch and I always have it full of flowers in the summer. It's probably because I've always had it growing in the ground. The top one is the Lemon Thyme, but the next photo below that is a LIME Thyme that I found this year. I'm excited to see how that flavor is as well. 



There are variegated varieties that are quite pretty, and they taste the same. Thyme likes the soil to be slightly alkaline and well drained. I personally think the drainage is more important than the's a pretty hardy little plant. It likes any amount of sun, and will even grow in the shade, though not prolifically.  I keep mine well watered, and I fertilize them with all of my other plants about every 10 days in the summer. In the spring, they put off lovely little blossoms that the Honey Bees go crazy for! I love that time of year! 


When I use it for culinary purposes, I wash it well, and then strip off the leaves. There is no need to chop them as they're pretty tiny. If you are infusing the flavor with roasting or making a syrup or sauce, you can leave them whole on the stem, and then remove the entire stem before serving. I use it so much, and I have lots of recipes that I'm committed to sharing throughout the summer over on my food blog, Come 2 My Kitchen. Watch for those so you can enjoy your bounty of Lemon Thyme as well!


Would you like a tasty dessert recipe to try right now? You're in luck! Head on over HERE and get my recipe to make these beauties!





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