Spooky-Cute Halloween Fireplace

I may have gone just a little totally bonkers with my Halloween Decor this year.

Normally, I only decorate my front porch. Years ago, when my kids were little, I would do more things inside my house but it's been YEARS since I've done so.

So, what brought this on? This need to go Halloween Crazy? I'm not sure. It might have something to do with the recent blood moon. Hahaha. 

So I hope you enjoy the mantle and hearth that I created as much as I enjoyed creating it! It all started with those cute striped treat bags on the garland. I found them at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, and ever since I brought them home, ideas have been brewing in my head! 

The only new things I bought new for this display were the trio of pumpkin buckets that I made into a topiary (which cost me all of $2, including the witch hat), the books (man, did I get lucky on those titles and colors, or what??) the creepy cabbage patch doll, the vintage glam witch (she got a makeover as she was a .50 Nun when I brought her home), the Halloween Head Witch (at Home Goods...my most expensive purchase but only $10 and I LOVE her!) and printed photos that I edited from family pictures and images I found for free online! All but the pumpkin head witch and the photos came from the Thrift Store. Everything else I already owned. I completely love repurposing things....and more details to come in the photos below!

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