Temple Square Christmas Lights

This past weekend, my husband and I were lucky enough to receive tickets to watch the Christmas Special performed live at the LDS Conference Center....just us and 20,000 or so other people. 
You know, just a little small crowd. Haha!

Before the concert, we walked over to Temple Square to see the lights and get some photos.

It was very lovely, as usual. Such a special feeling there all year long, 
but particularly so at this time of year.

I'm torn about my favorite part of Temple Square at Christmas,
 but it's really amazing to gaze across the reflection pool to see the Salt Lake Temple standing stately 
behind the statues of Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus.

Around the plaza, as well as on the Temple Square grounds,
trees are lit meticulously with thousands of bright lights. Some are colored, and some are white.
All of them are beautiful. 

The photo above is looking across the reflection pong towards the Giant Tree structure
that presides at the front of the plaza. You can see it from everywhere around the square. 
Surrounding it are many trees of different colors. I was particularly fond of the small trees that are lit with a combination of bright green and blue lights on the same tree. 
I really liked how that looked, both from a distance and up close.

(It was almost impossible to get any photos without people in them....it gets very crowded 
in the evenings, especially on the weekends).

I am including this photo of the large tree from the other side. Isn't it just so pretty? SO many lights!


The 2nd photo is from lower looking towards the left to show the Temple.
I decided to make this one with no color to show the grandeur of both structures.
That's the moon you can see in the lower half of the tree, between it and the Temple.

On the square near the Tabernacle, hangs this giant Compass. It has the look of a snowflake,
and I love how it just floats above the flower beds. It's quite stunning.

My final photo is of a tree near the Assembly Hall. Like several around the square and plaza, 
it was VERY full of reddish orange lights. 
With a lawn full of snow reflecting below it, 
it takes on a glow that is rather sunset-like. Simply beautiful.

If you've never been to Temple Square at Christmas time, you are missing out!
Go. Soon. Really, go soon!
The lights, Nativity Displays, Decorated Trees and Free Musical Programs
last through New Years Eve.

Temple Square is the perfect place to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ
and reflect on the gift of his life, and light, to all the world.

For more info about Temple Square and the LDS church, you can visit this link.

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