Thanksgiving Food Staging and Centerpieces


Last year my husband and I celebrated big time because we knew it was our last Thanksgiving with just us and our kids. We are a blended family, so we only get the opportunity to have Thanksgiving with our kids every other year when they're not at their other parent's homes.

I hope you enjoy my pics and ideas for how to stage your food tables! 

As always, should you have questions or want to comment, please feel free to do so!

Before dinner, everyone enjoyed the Cracker and Cheese Buffet. This gave me time to finish up the main meal for about an hour! Throughout the tables, I used numerous Wood Slices and stumps for raising items up. It gave it a lot of texture, dimension and interest to the displays and serving areas.

After dinner, I cleared away the Appetizers and brought out the Desserts! I kept the decor the same, but just added the dessert items.

So here's the eating table. I went with an Aqua and Brown color scheme and used some of my vintage dishes and serving pieces, along with the wood stumps under the bowls and platters. A big display at the end of the table created a festive feel, and I was able to use my rattan chargers that I found at a thrift store the week prior for $1.00 each! Score!

One of the things I wanted to was document the event in pictures that I had everyone draw using the cute wood colored pencils that I found at World Market. So I gave everyone a piece of cardstock and just told them I wanted their version of a Thanksgiving Turkey. Oh man, did we get some funny pics! I have them saved for future years to display. My husband's was the funniest...he's rather irreverent! 

For place cards, I saved some oak leaves that blew into my yard a few weeks prior, pressed them in a book and then added everyone's names with a metallic aqua paint pen. I love them.

And just for one last fun decorative photo, here's what I did to my newly-installed Chandelier!

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