Vintage Outdoors Christmas Tree

So this chica is behind schedule, and I still need to talk all my pics of this tree before I take it down. Yes, it's still up. Haha. All my trees are still up. 
(Well, technically one is down because it fell over while we were out of town for 
New Years Eve. And I haven't had a chance (or the heart) to go and pick the 
poor thing up and clean up all the broken glass from it's crash. 
I've been out of town and working and another project. 
So tomorrow it will be done. But I'm lamenting because I didn't get really 
good pics before the BIG FALL. Boo. That will teach me to wait so long.)

Here's what it looked like on Christmas morning. I have a Wrapping Paper Obsession and love to mix up my prints to coordinate with my tree theme. I used 8 papers this for each person.

The FLEA MARKET sign was one of my gifts from my hubby.
I pick out my own gifts, don't you? And that Black Santa paper was NOT one of mine.
I'm not quite sure how that made it into my pic. Sneaky little bugger. 
This tree did NOT have any Santa's on it, so NO Santa paper was allowed.
Yes, I'm that obsessive about my pattern mixing and Theme follow-through. haha.

Anyway, more closeup pics of the ornaments and such coming soon :)

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