Sweet Shoppe Candy Bouquets

Candy Bouquets for Decor and Gifting

I was asked to create some Valentines Candy Bouquets for Studio 5!

I did 2 basic versions: A "Soda Shoppe Bouquet/Centerpiece"
and also some "Candy as Flowers" Bouquets

I didn't show all the ideas during the segment (7 minutes goes by SO fast!)
so I've added photos in this post to show more details.

The "Soda Shoppe Bouquets/Centerpieces" are quite easy, 
and I explain how to assemble them during the segment 
including various techniques and materials.

Here are the other variations that I came up with, some of which are not shown in the display I used for the segment, but I'm including them here!

For this Sucker Bouquet, I did a quick explanation of how to do the Ballerina Wrap on the handle, AND the surprise material I used for the handle and the leaves, during the segment. 
The Roses themselves are just taken apart and re-assembled using the sucker stick instead of the wire.
I then inserted each one into the foam base.
(Link to watch video below for the wrap)

The "Candy Rose Bouquets" are really fast and easy to make, and if you use flowers from the Dollar Store, very economical as well because you are not using much candy. You can make 4 or 5 of these 
for less than $10 total!
The center of each flower has a candy inside....for the large rose, it's a Dove Chocolate,
for the little one, it's a bundle of Jelly Beans wrapped with plastic.
For each one, I used a Sticky 3-D dot to attach the candy inside the center.

This "Single Rose" Bouquet has a skewer as the base, which has 3 foil wrapped hearts attached with sticky dots, and is then wrapped with Valentines Tinsel to hide the skewer. I cut the quick freehand leaves from tissue paper, and then nestled it all inside a piece of colored cellophane 
before wrapping with a ribbon.

This bouquet was made with those little strawberry candies. They look like roses to me when they are turned upside down with their green stems. I attached these to pipe cleaners in bundles of 3, surrounded by paper muffin liner and then added more liner poofs before securing all of them to a paper doily base to make a "Mussy Tussy" style bouquet.

This "Sucker Flower" is fast to use and you can make a lot of these for fast and
economically as well. These would be great to give to teachers or neighbors.
I started with the round base on a stick from the Birthday section at Dollar Tree. 
I glued on a spread out muffin liner, added some flower shapes cut with a Die Cut machine,
and poked a hole through all the layers. 
Then I used a small piece of pipe cleaner to attach three Sixlets candies together 
to form the "stamen" center. The pipe cleaner folds over onto the back, 
and then I added a freehand cut leaf to the stem.

I also designed some gift tags to go with the bouquets and you can download those free 
on my Blog Google Docs account. 
Just follow the link below the 2 files and look for the files listed.
Sweets Bouquet Tags

Valentine Sundae Tags

If you have any questions about how to assemble any of these bouquets,
please don't hesitate to ask me!

You can watch the segment here:

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